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Alia Sun FFor any old members who happen to return upon this site and wondering who now owns it, it would be I, the old admin known as Psicosis.
Oh3ybr0Hello everyone your new Dictator here, I've essentially been placed in charge of running Halo for the clan and I hope to please. My first order of business is to make the slandering of Fluttershy Illegal, Second I'll start putting Halo on the calender events again. And as your fair and just Dictator I demand that you resume signing up for them. Speaking of Meet-ups I'd like to alternate between custom games and Matchmaking to help keep things interesting so please sign up. Hope to see ya there soon!
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SnowStorm   Looks like the pretty pretty princess got the pretty pretty crown.
Sharp Note   Good luck getting people to show up to Halo meetup.
Gone Forever   Every now and then a dictator is needed in society to keep things in order. And I think Celestia's Spartans is at that point.
Vinyl7th FIf you have a map that you want in the video I will be making for 2v2 map submissions, please post a link to the map on Halo Way point in This Thread. - [link]

I would just try to find all the maps in the previous thread, but I dont want to miss any so please leave a link to your fileshare, and to the maps you want featured for everyone to vote on. They will be anonymous in the video, so there will be little bias (Unless you have seen the map alread)

Anyways, submit by next Friday (May 10th)
Link Description
Dr Freedom MLP   below where it says submit by next Friday it says Enjin and then below that it says link description
Airimei   @Dr Freedom the link is to the 2v2 map submission
Dr Freedom MLP   yeah I realized after I clicked it, no idea why it says enjin tho
Vinyl7th FReplace all the times I said March with May in the post below this, because I am dumb and cannot Month very well.
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Cucumber304   do i sign up for the event in the event sign up thing or do you just say heyo 2v2 time or Spartan cup now and what about the teams for both the events do we just set up teams by ourself in like the skype chat? (sorry for misspelling stuff)
Vinyl7th F  Ill post announcements for signups when available
Dr Freedom MLP   someone should... MAKE A THREAD!

Seriously though, I have a few announcements that I think you will all enjoy.

1. I am going to make a video of all of the maps submitted for the forge contest and hold a vote for which maps should be in the 2v2 tourny, which I can confirm will be in early march.

2. I am announcing a second event that I think you will all enjoy. Provided here is a link -[link] - to a sped up video of me forging. While I know I shouldn't promote my channel in the news, I do think this is significant.

And that is because I am also announcing a new event. I will be forging a series of race tracks of progressive difficulty. It will be called the Spartan Cup, and there will be a racing tournament for it in the upcoming weeks. This race will span at least 4 tracks, and will be in the style of Mario Kart:Double Dash, in that there is 1 driver and 1 passenger per team, and the driver can drive by powerups (Rockets, Concussion rifle) for his teammate to pick up. Then you can use the pickups to mess with the other drivers. I played it with a few people the other day and its really neat.

SO Tl:DR - 2v2 map voting soon, 2v2 Tourny in March, Racing Tourny late march.

Have a great day guys!
ForgeLapse Episode 1 - Anvil
32x Speed. Forge took 3 hours and 40 mins. I did all the wor...
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Cucumber304   march? isnt that in like a year?
Vinyl7th F  I meant May. May. Im dumb, remember this, all this is in May.
Kung Fu Jesus   >march

lol you're a dumb
Vinyl7th FHow do you guys think we should handle the podcast? Every time we have started it we have had problems with people leaving the clan that were important to it. It makes us a little hesitant to start it up again, but im sure some of you guys have great ideas!

Post your suggestions in THIS thread, NOT in comments here. Plz - [link]
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Gone Forever   All I saw was comments here Plz, so here are my thoughts...
Vinyl7th Fasdfg

That is all.
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KickassBrony245   I completely forgot about that, thank you so much! You reminded me about how important it really was. Thank you so much.
SnowStorm   I'll just say this, Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle.
Oh3ybr0   [link]
Vinyl7th FIf anyone has news about Halo, please PM me. I know I havnt been making Halo news posts, but I literally have no news I can think of for it.
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Vinyl7th FIt has been brought to my attention that a certain select few of the clan would like to see nothing but Halo, Gears and MC news updates here.

I get that this is not the general opinion, so if you dont mind there being updates about fun things the clan can do like MMO Pokemon then please leave a comment. Apparently im doing it wrong.
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Sharp Note   Who is the New ^^ Meg?
Fidget   Why would we post anything about halo? I mean, it isn't like this is a Halo clan or anything. (Sarcasm detected)
Dr Freedom MLP   ^^ Pretty sure he was talking about Werebrony given the joke
Vinyl7th FTheres a Pokemon MMO that is out guys. Its like Pokemon Red/Blue and Silver/Gold but you run around with other trainers live. So you can challenge/trade with other trainers anywhere in the game! Its the pokemon we all dreamed of as kids! And its free!

You can get the game at [link] and I reccomend you all do so! I would love to expand to this game for the clan. It would be really cool! Ill make a thread for it soon.
PokeMMO - No Bullshit, Just Games
PokeMMO is a free to play mmorpg, come join a growing community as you level up and discover new monsters.
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Shuttersly   Got it. It's pretty cool.
Vinyl7th F  @Kung Fu - I havnt noticed many bugs. Some NPC scripts dont function, but its still in alpha so thats expected.
Gone Forever   I looove Pok√©mon, but I'll watch how this goes with the clan and the game itself before I download it.
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